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TEKO TuffRide Independent Coil Suspension

Independent Suspension

Whether you are looking to take to the bitumen or go onto the beaten track, TEKO/TuffRide Independent Coil Suspension is the smart choice.

Allowing excellent ground clearance and class leading stability and ride comfort in both on road and off road conditions TEKO/TuffRide Independent Coil Suspension is the proven product for your Caravan or Trailer.

TEKO Australia

Quality Assurance

We take pride in being an Australian-owned, -tested, and -manufactured suspension system. Our rigorous quality standards include Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A) testing, ensuring durability and performance.

Warranty Confidence

We stand by our products with a solid 5-year warranty, offering peace of mind. Our EFS Shock Absorbers come with a 3-year/100,000km warranty, and our bushes are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Versatile Options

Our suspensions offer versatility with a variety of coil and airbag options. You can easily upgrade to disc brakes for improved performance, and we provide a range of stud patterns to suit your needs.

Tailored Braking Solutions

Choose from 10", 12", and 13" brake options to match your towing requirements. Our systems are designed to enhance your stopping power.

Built for Tough Terrain

Our suspensions are engineered with Japanese bearings for robustness in challenging environments. They are Sway Control ready, ensuring stability on off-road adventures.

Lifetime Bushing Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on our bushes, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability for your caravan or trailer suspension.

Airbag Suspension

Take your caravan or trailer to the next level with the TEKO/TuffRide TuffBag upgrade. Allowing you to have even more versatility. TuffBags allow you to adjust the travel height to suit all conditions and terrains, never limiting your Adventure.


Rolling sleeve airbags have been used in the automotive industry since the early 80’s, proving their reliability and versatility over the past 40 years.

TuffBags offer unmatched versatility, allowing you to adjust your vehicle’s travel height to conquer any terrain or obstacle in your path. Whether you need extra clearance or want to lower your rig for garage storage, TuffBags ensure your adventure remains limitless.

Crafted from heavy-duty automotive-grade materials, TEKO/TuffRide TuffBags are designed to withstand the rigors of your journey. Their robust construction ensures a trouble-free adventure every time you hit the road.

Crafted from heavy-duty automotive-grade materials, TEKO/TuffRide TuffBags are designed to withstand the rigors of your journey. Their robust construction ensures a trouble-free adventure every time you hit the road.

Future-Proof Your Suspension: Opt for the TuffBag Ready option to future-proof your suspension system. This choice grants you the flexibility to upgrade to TuffBags whenever you’re ready to take your adventures to the next level.

Four Stages of Control

TuffBags offer four stages of control, allowing you to tailor your suspension system to your specific needs. From manual inflation with an analogue gauge to advanced ‘On Board Air’ options with wireless remotes and auto ride leveling, you have complete command of your ride.


Stage 1

Manual Inflation with analogue gauge (external
compressor required).


Stage 2

‘On Board Air’ with inflation switches.


Stage 3

‘On Board Air’ with wireless remote.


Stage 4

‘On Board Air’ with wireless remote & Auto Ride

The ‘On Board Air’ package includes a heavy-duty compressor, air tank, digital dual-pressure gauge, air hose, and inflation wand, simplifying the process of inflating your tires and making adjustments on the go.

Disc Brakes

Increase your stopping power and serviceability by optioning Deemaxx Disc Brakes.

All TEKO/TuffRide Independent Coil Suspensions fitted with 12″ brakes are disc compatible and can be upgraded at any point. Or option it from day one on your new Caravan or Trailer.

Energy Mitigation Technology (EMT)

TEKO/TuffRide Independent Coil Suspension has been designed specifically with industry leading Energy Mitigation Technology (EMT).
Suspension that has ‘built in’ EMT reduces the force on the chassis by up to 37.5%.

TEKO/TuffRide’s industry leading EMT has been used since 2014 and we continue to lead the way in ride comfort, strength, quality workmanship and off road ability.

Ensure your next Suspension has EMT built in.