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TEKO Canning stock route

At TEKO, the spirit of innovation is matched only by our passion for embracing the unknown. Embarking on an extraordinary journey, we set out to conquer the legendary Canning Stock Route (CSR) with a caravan in tow. Our mission wasn’t just about pushing the limits of conventional travel; it was about pushing the boundaries of innovation as well as respect for the land.

Putting Innovation to the Ultimate Test

Our mission was clear: to test the endurance of the new TEKO Adventure caravan and trailer suspension – an advanced airbag suspension system poised to complement our renowned Tuffride suspension. As Kobus, the CEO of TEKO, stated in Episode 1 of our video series: 

Kobus from TEKO
Kobus from TEKO (centre) celebrating the successfull completion of the Canning Stock Route with Chris Kirk (left) and Mike Ralston (right)
“We manufacture suspensions for caravans and trailers, and we have a reputable name in the industry but we are always looking to improve our products. What we try and prove to ourselves and our customers is that we do real-world testing, and here we are doing something that no one else has done and putting our product to the ultimate challenge and a real-world test. This will help us determine if we need to improve anything in our findings.”

TEKO Australia


An Expedition with Purpose

Our journey was not only an exploration of innovation; it was a commitment to preserving the delicate ecosystem of the CSR. With deep respect for the land, we meticulously planned to minimize our impact. The specially designed 17’6″ caravan, narrower at 2.1m, was constructed to withstand the grueling conditions. Our caravan were the first fitted with our new TEKO Adventure Suspension on a custom-built chassis, by Intelligent Engineering. Both the caravan and the tow vehicle featured MAXXIS Razr MT 35-inch tires. Pressures used were as low as 10psi, to reduce rolling resistance and minimising track impact.

Enhanced engine power and an automatic gearbox ensured a controlled ascent and descent of the dunes. On each dune we relied heavily on lead vehicle information assisting us with our unwavering focus on leaving no trace, we meticulously navigated the terrain, avoiding unnecessary wheel spin and taking care to reverse if a dune wasn’t crested on the first attempt.


Mike Ralston
Mike hosting a morning briefing at the Desert Oak forest
Chris Kirk
Chris reading data from the sensors on the wheel axles of the caravan
Navigating the Terrain with Expert Guidance

Under the seasoned guidance of Mike Ralston, a distinguished CSR expert and seasoned 4×4 traveler, each day commenced with a morning briefing that set the stage for the day ahead. With Mike’s extensive track record of leading groups through the CSR and being a valued TEKO Tuffride Suspension customer, his role as our guide was not only evident but essential.

During each briefing, Mike would highlight the CSR’s heritage and the importance of the wells we encountered, while embracing the responsibility of a route custodian, enriching our journey with tales of its history.

Data and Discovery

Our journey wasn’t solely about conquering the CSR; it was about collecting data. We were also joined by Chris Kirk, who has a background in electronic engineering. Chris affixed multiple sensors to axles on both the caravan and tow vehicle.

Every jolt, every vibration, every shock – all were captured, providing real-time insights into the suspension’s response to the challenging terrain.

Both Mike and Chris’s trailers were equipped with TEKO’s tried and tested Tuffride Airbag Suspension. 


A Journey of Triumph and Reflection

Our expedition concluded on July 26, 2023 after 3 weeks of an unforgettable journey.

There are more than 900 dunes on the Canning of which only 20 or so were not crested on the first attempt. The caravan and tow vehicle required no assistance to travel the entire track. Snatch straps and sand boards were not needed. No trees were removed or deliberately pruned.

The caravan and car made it down the track albeit with a few bush massage signs, as do all vehicles. 

Both TEKO Adventure and Tuffride suspensions performed flawlessly across the rugged terrain. As we celebrate this achievement, we also celebrate the beauty of the land we traversed.

TEKO Canning stock route
The entire group on the final day of the CSR. From left to right, Suzanne, Chris, Jen, Mike, Di and John. In front is Kobus from TEKO and Stephan from Karoo Media who documented the journey.

Continuing the Journey

Join us in our ongoing journey of innovation and adventure. Experience the heart of the CSR through our video series, TEKO Adventure, and witness the intersection of technology, exploration, and reverence for the land.

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Wheels supplied by Maxxis Tyres Australia

Caravan Chassis supplied by Intelligent Engineering

Videos & Photos by Karoo Media

1 comment on “TEKO Adventure on the Canning Stock Route

  1. Good Morning.
    I would just like to thank Kobus for his outstanding customer service where he travelled from Victoria to Newcastle to rectify a problem I had with the suspension on our van, mainly the brakes. Our van had been in Melbourne but we missed the opportunity and we could have possibly got in rectified back in Brisbane but there was a window to do the work in Newcastle and Kobus adjusted his schedule at very short notice to travel and complete the job himself. He has changed both sides bearings, drums and shoes because he was concerned with a slight problem that can occur. He also fixed up some brake wires for me as well. I towed the van back to Brisbane and it towed beautifully, with brakes and sway working well and little to no heat in the bearings.
    It is customer service like this that is lacking in todays world, so it is so refreshing when it comes along with no arguments, heated discussions, angry emails or simply feeling not of any importance.
    Kobus, thank you and your wife again for making such an effort on my part and I am very happy to recommend a very good product, company, customer service, and most of all personal who take pride in what they do and how they do it.
    King Regards,
    Mike Heard.
    12th May 2024

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